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Never Stop Exploring

Mansfield Bushwalks offer a range of guided 'pack~free' short walking tours, ideal for all fitness levels and all age groups. With the convenience of local pickup and drop-off, our walks are a great way to spend a few hours or the day connecting with nature and discovering breathtaking scenery, before returning to the creature comforts of your Mansfield base...

Our Walking Journeys


3 Hours + travel time 1hr

3 km one way

Grade 1 beginner

A favorite walk for local families on a well formed track that meanders along the river bank. Ending in a beautiful alpine park full of large shady trees.


Follow the well trodden track as it meanders along the Delatite River. Look for some good fishing holes along the way or a place to return for a swim on another day. The track gradually ascends to the finish point at Mirrimbah Park; equipped with gas BBQs, public toilets and a kids playground.


A great introductory walk for families, groups and individuals wanting to access the natural bush but not sure where to start or how challenging ‘a bushwalk’ can be. Also ideal if you are time poor but want to touch base with nature for a moment.


Either stroll back alongside the river or relax in the tranquil alpine surrounds while your driver brings the bus to meet you at the Park for return to Mansfield.


A pre~arranged BBQ can be added to this walk with eskies and cooking gear supplied.


3 Hour Return + travel time 1hr

7 km return

Grade 1 beginner 

You can live here all your life and not know about the beauty of this place... Meander along a rocky trail following a beautiful small brook. Pause and enjoy the sounds of moving water, wind in the trees and abundant wildlife.


Set in natural bush, the path follows a creek and is well defined, with some short steep sections and is mostly a single file track. Public drop toilets are available as you set off.


Reaching the waterfall you will feel transported to a place where the bush becomes a tranquil zone; inspiring, meditative and grounding.

A column of water pours down a cliff face. A rock viewing platform with added safety rail enables you to view the upper water cascading down, and peer over the rail to see it further traveling down the rock face on its journey through ferns, gums and wattles. Footbridges along the way make for other great photo opportunities.

Our guide shares interesting information about unique flora and fauna, and the areas saw milling history.


Choose the tracks to take you back...


3 Hour Return + travel time 1hr

4 km return

Grade 3 some experience recommended

Set in the natural bush, this is a rewarding steady and winding climb to the summit of Mount Timbertop. View the challenge ahead while travelling along the Mt Buller Road...


Gear up with decent walking shoes, water, snacks and a windcheater before following the well worn trail as it zigzags upwards from the base of the mountain. The path is well defined with a gradual ascent and a mostly single file track.


Take time to catch your breath and enjoy the natural beauty of the bush. From the first view point take a well earned rest and admire the incredible views stretching across the valley to The Paps and Lake Eildon.


The last 150m section is a short rocky scramble to the upper most plateau. Enjoy a snack while taking in the stunning panoramic views of the district while resting under the age old snow gums that only grow at high altitude.

Our guide shares interesting information about unique flora and fauna, vegetation and cloud formations.


2.2 Hours Return + travel time 30 mins

8 km return

Grade 2  beginner - some experience

A favorite with the locals due to it's proximity to the Mansfield township and the good cardio workout if offers, this walk is rewarded with 360 degree breathtaking views of the valley including; Lake Eildon, Mansfield, surrounding farmland and the mountain ranges, including Buller, Stirling and Timbertop.


Water, energy snacks and a windcheater are recommended. It is steep and at times gravelly and is exposed to the elements as the 4WD track through the valleys are grassy rather than gum tree (bush) vegetation.


The kangaroos are numerous and the sights and smells are uniquely of the countryside.  


3.5 Hours One Way + travel time 1.5hrs (return walk optional) 

10 km one way (return walk optional)


Grade 3 some experience recommended

This walk is not for the faint hearted. A steep ascent to the ridgeline following a gravel path. The actual ridge itself has scrambly places and is definitely not recommended for those who suffer from vertigo or a fear of heights. The ridge drops away dramatically on both sides and is at times difficult to move along.


We will reach a rock monument where the Summit of Mt Buller can be seen in the distance, but so is the challenge to reach it! A rocky descent into the valley is prevalent before the last rock scrambling section is completed to ensure you feel a huge sense of achievement when finally reaching the Lookout Station situated at the top of Mt Buller’s Summit.


From here it is a staircase descent to the bottom of the Summit ski run and a short walk (if you are up to it!) into the Village to share the experience over a well earned coffee at the Alzburg Hotel.

Please  Note: This walk is not recommended for children under 13yrs of age.


2.5 hours Return + travel time 30 mins

8 km return

Grade 2  beginner - some experience

Another favourite with the locals due to it's proximity to the Mansfield township and the good cardio workout it offers. Reaching the top is rewarded with amazing views of the valley including:  Lake Eildon, The Paps, surrounding farmland and the mountain ranges of  Buller, Stirling,Timbertop and the Bluff.

Water, energy snacks and a windcheater are recommended. It is steep and at times there is no formed track, with trees and branches to manoeuvre through.  The walk moves through some grassy areas as well as gum tree (bush) vegetation and features granite outcrops.

The kangaroos are numerous and the sights and smells are uniquely of the countryside.


2.5 hours Return + travel time 5.5 hours

8 km return

Grade 1  beginner

Hidden in the mountains near Mansfield are the Bindaree Falls and iconic Craigs Hut. Well worth the drive to visit these two landmarks in the one journey.


Head off the beaten track to discover these amazing local Falls near Mansfield. Follow the platform walkway leading behind the water flow. A wooden viewing platform passes behind the falls allowing you to enjoy the curtain of water cascading from the rocks above. 

Be immersed in the sounds and smells of the Australian bush. Take in the natural surrounds and lush ferns that make this place so relaxing and inviting.

Our guide shares interesting information about unique flora and fauna.

Enjoy a picnic lunch (BYO or catered at additional prices).


Craigs Hut is the setting for the legendary film 'The Man From Snowy River'. Produced in 1982 by Jeff Burrows, featuring Tom Burlingston and Sigrid Thorton, this film showcases some of the beauty of the mountain ranges and farming area near Mansfield. A visit to the Hut is a must for a photo shoot and to tick off the 'to do' list of unique places to visit in our area.


What to Bring? What to Wear?

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