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Meet your fearless leader

Monnie Richardson... Where do we start?

Monnie was born in Mansfield over fifty years ago (a lady never reveals her actual age) and has lived here most of her life, completing schooling in Merrijig and Mansfield.

Working as a primary teacher in Mansfield for around 15 years before taking a position with Mansfield Autism Statewide Services, she regularly entered the local natural environment including parks, reserves and alpine areas to support students to manage their stress, free time and social interactions (and she LOVED it).

Monnie has also been very fortunate to have accompanied friends experienced in bushwalking; safely discovering new places to walk either along country roads, state forests, national parks, alpine resorts or reserves in the Mansfield area.

When asked, Monnie was really surprised to learn that many people were apprehensive to seek out basic walks in the local area on their own as they were unsure where to go and were fearful of getting lost in the bush.

Inspired by this, she created something new to the region for locals, visitors and educators; giving them the confidence to venture out into our beautiful bushland.

And so Mansfield Bushwalks was born. Woohoo!

Monnie has managed to do what some of us can only dream; combine many years of local knowledge and stewardship, with a passion for the outdoor experience (and sharing it with others!) and turned it into her full time job (you'll never hear her call it work. She loves it way too much).

Having also completed essential qualifications, we can absolutely promise, you are in safe, local and experienced hands.

We look forward to guiding you off the beaten track.


Monnie has the following qualifications (she doesn't like to brag):

  • Parks Victoria Licensed Tour Operator and Activity Provider. License No. CA-1601

  • Diploma of Teaching

  • Bachelor of Education

  • Current Teacher Registration,

  • 30+ years experience teaching experience

  • Current First Aid certification

  • Current Wilderness First Aid

  • Current Bronze Medallion

  • Childsafe Standards Workshop

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

  • Hygienic Practices for Food Safety

Mansfield Bushwalks offer a range of guided pack-free short walking tours, ideal for all fitness levels and all age groups. With the convenience of local pickup and drop-off, our walks are a great way to spend a few hours connecting with nature and discovering breathtaking scenery, before returning to the creature comforts of your Mansfield base.

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